Online Store Website Designers

Online store website designers

What we do?

Our target is to start your online store without diverting your attention from the existing business, we will work for you meet your online selling goals.

Who can have a online store?

If you have an idea to sell any product online throughout United States, Canada or entire world, just set your goals, meet our expert and start your an online business.

The list below contains everything you'll need to get your online store off the ground.
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A Business Plan

Write a business plan, set you goals for online selling. Your business plan may include: what you sell and where your profit comes from, How much inventory you'll have on hand and where you'll store it. It lays out your return policy — and you'll need one of those. Most important, your business plan details your total start-up cost, from your ad campaign to Web designer to monthly services fees.

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A Reliable Source for Your Product

If you're selling hand-sewn Korean quilts, are you confident the price of yarn isn't going to skyrocket three months from now? Do you have more than one wholesale source? Hopefully yes, otherwise you could be in trouble.

The best problem of all: if you make your product in your basement, can you handle success if you suddenly get 125 orders? Make sure your supply line is steady before you plunk down your money.

Domain name registration services

Select you Domain Name

We always assist our clients to select their domain, we prefer search engine friendly,easy to remember, reflect your business services from its name.

In response, some people choose terribly cumbersome names. They find out that "" is taken and then learn that "" is also taken. So they create an unworkable domain name like Not only is it too long, it contains a hyphen, which should be avoided (some users forget to put them in, sending them to your competitor's site.)

A good domain name is short and memorable and — most important — easily typed. Ideally,,a user can simply hear it and know how it's spelled. So is much better than In fact any word that's hard to spell should be avoided.

The ".com" version is typically far better than ".net," because browsers default to ".com."

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A Reliable Web Host

Your Web hosting service is the technical backbone of your site: Its service and support options will play a big role in your business's operation. Hosting companies usually charge monthly, and the cheapest company isn't always best.

We provide hosting on the United Stated web servers with,, and other top tem hosting companies of your choice.

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A Web Designer

Here are the chances of your Biggest Mistake. Many individual / freelancer offer you with economic packages or some time and business owners think they can design their own site. That's a mistake.

Homemade Web sites aren't like homemade cookies. No one likes the way they look. Worse, an ugly site makes shoppers wonder: should I enter my credit card number in this funky looking site?

We have Highly skilled Graphic Designer worked under the supervisions on the ecommerce website expert manager’s, professional software development team on Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server for Databases and other latest technologies with great care for you business goals.

Online shopping E commerce software development

E-Commerce Software / Shopping Carts

This is the major part of your online store which run your store, from product display to inventory management to checkout.

In account to save you from the monthly fee on the shopping cart and other e-commerce applications, we have design in-house shopping which is absolutely FREE for our clients.

On the other hand our tech are always open to integrate your third party applications, APIs and shopping cart of your choice.

Online credit cards payment transactions

A Credit Card Merchant Account

To accept credit cards online, you'll need a merchant account, which is an account with a bank or other financial institution that allows you to accept your shoppers' credit card numbers.

Setting up a merchant account gets pricey. Banks typically charge a set-up fee, a monthly fee, and a percentage of each transaction.

We SAVE you from the undesirable monthly overheads. We have solutions to integrate your payment gateway with no sign / set up fee, no monthly fee etc.

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Credit Card Payment by Phone

We help our potential customer to setup their Phone based Credit Card Payment Processing.

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Shipping Labels

We help our client to integrate USPS, Ship works and other common shipping labels applications of your choice.

Ship works ebay products

Ebay Shipping Label

We help our potential clients to integrate their Ebay account with Shipworks to make their Shipping Process fast

Search engine optimization marketing techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you need not to worry about the set up your site to get high rankings in Google, BING, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines We educate you to understand the entire process of search engine optimization foe your website, how it works. We have professional SEO expert team to work on your application, personalized attention to your business, your competitor keyword analysis, top ranked keywords selections, dynamic ad design, daily monitoring on your campaign and monthly detailed report.

By the way, many Web designers claim to be adept at SEO. Not all of them are. The best practices for SEO change constantly, so if your designer last studied SEO in 2004, they're not up on the latest tactics.

Website traffic monitoring

A Web Analytics and Monitoring on the site

Web analytics program tells you how shoppers are using your site. It reveals where users come from, what pages they visit and what keyword searches brought them to the site. An analytics package enables merchants to calculate their conversion rate. (Your "conversion rate" is the percentage of your visitors who make a purchase — a critical fact to know and track over time.)

We always integrate Google’s analytic program to your website to monitor the traffic, traffic source, kind of visitor, demographic, keyword performance and other hundred kind of business statistics.

Competitive progress promotion results

Awareness of Competitive Sites

Just as your Web analytics tool tells you what's going on at your own site, you must be highly knowledgeable about your competitors' site. How does their inventory stack up with yours? Their navigation? Some merchants even sign up for their competitors' newsletters to know every sale they offer.

We keep our eyes open on your close competitor on their progress, promotion and their strategies. We guide your time to time to upgrade your business model and pace with the close competitors in the market.

Fast free shipping policy

A Shipping Rate Structure

Here is the main tact to attract your customers and encourage then to shop with you. Before you get your first order, you'll need to decide what you'll charge for rush and standard delivery.

If you're willing to lose some money on shipping, offering inexpensive shipping is an aggressive move to attract customers. Shoppers love cheap shipping, and free shipping over certain purchase levels is also a popular technique.

We help you to decide about shipping charges based on the current market trend what your competitors are doing. Your rates should be in line (or hopefully lower) than theirs.

Data security backup

A Security System and Data Backup

The Internet is a veritable den of thieves, with new forms of data theft and scamming invented everyday.

We help our client to have a site securities, SSL and other internet securities which are another major way to provide freely shopping on your site.

We have backup and restore the database, your entire application.

Best online marketing plans

A Marketing Plan

This is the big one. An effective, multi-prong marketing campaign is an online business's best friend - the more you can spend on advertising, the better.

The best marketing plan evolves and grows over a business's life — it's certainly not a "set it and leave it" kind of thing. So you can start small if need be, yet during your site's early days you'll need these basics:

We offer economic marketing plan to our clients.

Good luck for you new online store with us. Contact Us if you have any question.