E-mail Marketing

E-mail is everywhere. More than 2.5 trillion e-mails flood inboxes every year. Websites may have been the first wonder of the internet. But e-mail will bring people to your site and keep them coming back for more.

10 Benefits of E-mail Marketing:

  • Quick lead generation: Email has quick output and quick response for lead generation.
  • Selectivity: Email offers the same list selectivity as traditional list rental.
  • Media reinforcement: Email can be an adjunct to any media to quickly reinforce a message, product announcement, seminar date, or trade show.
  • Cost effectiveness. Email is extremely cost effective on a cost-per-contact basis for customer acquisition.
  • Higher response: Overall responses may be higher, as only relevant materials will be sent, which assures a more receptive audience for the offer.
  • Lower Costs: There is no production paper, or postage costs-only the cost of the email server companies.
  • Privacy Issues: Subscribers choose to receive email solicitation through a negative option given upon subscribing. Subscribers are also aware of the source of their name and are always given the choice to opt out. This addresses the privacy issue directly and again assures a responsive audience.
  • Customer dialogue: As an interactive medium, email establishes a dialogue with new and present customers. Repeated messages can create effective brand awareness or a continued response from and conversation with the customer.
  • Tractability: Email is also a track-able medium, as you can direct responders to answer through many types of response vehicles.
  • No Postal Undeliverables: Undeliverables are quickly identified and an effort is made to correct them and resend.

The more targeted your newsletter and its audience, the more likely it will be successful. The success of your newsletter is 40 percent due to finding the right audience, 40 percent due to the right offer, and 20 percent due to the design.

If you want to increase your revenue, ROI, and click-through prices, get on board with Atomic e-mail marketing. We’d really like to discuss our success stories with you and talk about how your personalized strategy can become one of them.